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About Vreeland Remodeling

Vreeland Remodeling was founded in 1963 by Lynn Vreeland. The company was later taken over by Lynn's son Corey. Our company is a local family business, operating out of Grand Forks, ND that is devoted to helping you through the process of a remodel. With Vreeland Remodeling, you can enjoy our excellent service and quality craftsmanship for all aspects of your next remodel.


Our Process

Here at Vreeland Remodeling, we know how stressful and chaotic a new remodeling project can be. We plan to eliminate that stress and chaos with the help of our experienced staff and an easy process.

Initial Meeting and Project Overview

The start of the remodeling process begins when you meet with one of our seasoned project managers. They will talk to you about your vison and how we can help to see it through.

Preliminary Design Prossess

The second part of the process is to decide how you want the final product to look. You will be able to have input on the aspects of your remodel project.

Project Start 

After the overview and design process, we start the project.  This stage of the process is the most exciting, you get to see your dream come to life. With our skillful and experienced carpenters, you can rest easy.

Project Finalization

Throughout the remodel and in the final stages of the process, our team will be in communication with you on all aspects of the project. This is when you get to see all that hard work pay off.

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